Guiding Thought and Goals of Taizhou University

Taizhou University, upholding the great banner of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,deeply learning and implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and National Conference on Education, and carefully implementing the provincial and municipal signifcant decisions and arrangements on the leapforward development of higher education, adheres to the strengthening of morality education, and aims at comprehensively deepening reform and innovation, strengthening connotative construction and enhancing educational quality. All party members, faculty staff and students should be united and guided to bravely undertake missions and overcome difficulties.Strenuous efforts will be made to build our university into a high-level application-oriented university of the frst rank nationwide and with good reputation worldwide.

Our Orientation

Regional in Features:

Based on Taizhou, relying on Taizhou and serving for Taizhou, Taizhou University seeks to provide qualifed talent and intellectual support for the development of the economy and society of Taizhou, especially for its endeavor to become an advanced manufacturing base in Yangtze River Delta.

Better in Application:

Taizhou University is dedicated to training senior applied and specialized talent for Taizhou's manufacturing industries and their management. Meanwhile, the university, benefting from its own advantage of disciplines and talent, strives to carry out applied research oriented towards enterprises and government organizations and devotes itself to technological innovation, policymaking consulting, and cultural service.

Wider in Scope:

Taizhou University commits itself to offering multiple-disciplinary programs in literature, natural sciences, technological sciences, management, law, education, history, medical sciences, economics, and accelerating the interdisciplinary exchange and mutual penetration between humanities, social science and natural science to cultivate compound talent with highly comprehensive qualities.

Our Goals

Aiming at training high-quality, application-oriented and inter-disciplinary talented people, we will cultivate our students to be professional, cultural and global-minded talents with qualities of loyalty, dedication, aspiration and cooperation.


Our students can enjoy a sound grounding for scholarship and be specialized in certain academic fields. They should be pragmatic and innovative and be endowed with certain expertise.


Our students should advocate culture and have a strong appreciation for cultural value. They should have a well-developed personality and high moral standards.


Our students should have a global mind with humanity consciousness. They should be adaptable to the trends of the times and have the potentialities for sustainable development.

School Motto

Develop your moral being and lead a virtuous life; Seize the time and opportunity upgrading your proficiency.

“Develop your moral being and lead a virtuous life” gets its origin from Confucian Scholar Practice in The Book of Rites which goes like this: “A Confucian scholar always develops his moral being so as to lead a virtuous life.” It means that one should constantly develop one's morality just as one should often bathe one's body to keep clean. It attaches great importance to moral education and coincides with our philosophy of running Taizhou University. “Develop your moral being and lead a virtuous life” is also the inscription on the stone tablet which was set up in 1907 when the predecessor of this university was initiated and hence has witnessed the university’s development oνer the past one hundred years.

“Seize the time and opportunity upgrading your proficiency” gets its origin from Hexagram of Qian (Heaven) in The Book of Changes which states: “A virtuous man should seize the time and opportunity upgrading his virtue and profciency. In doing so there will be no harm done.” It means that one should strive to improve one’s study and profciency, be innovative and pragmatic and advance with the times.

General Information

Campus Coverage: 1.12 million sq. meters

Floor Space: 564.3 thousand sq. meters

Library Collection: 2.0891 million volumes

Total Value of Teaching & Research Instruments and Equipment: 263 million Yuan RMB

Undergraduate Programs: 47